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Website Audit in Dubai

Website Audit

Website Audit is the complete analysis of your website to help it achieve, improve or retain its rankings on Google SERPs. The process involves an in-depth examination of its pages in terms of content, site speed, page errors, indexing, traffic inflow and other variables holding back your website’s performance.
In e-commerce, these factors all together can significantly affect website’s ability to penetrate in its target niche and generate sales.

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    At AlphaCandy we focus on various points of your website, from SEO perspective, responsiveness and user-experience, to loading speed, content quality, and feature functionality. We divide the tasks into our dedicated Analytics and SEO team to analyze the various technical aspects of the website and diagnose issues affecting the visibility or accessibility of your web pages on Google.
    AlphaCandy’s comprehensive Audit report pinpoints the loopholes affecting your website’s organic potential while providing a walkthrough for resolving the issues with cost-effective and airtight solutions. As a value to our customers, we also do additional tests for spam and malware detection to ensure no stone is left unturned.