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The Five Stages of Successful Content Strategy

The Five Stages of Successful Content Strategy

The Five Stages of Successful Content Strategy

There comes a time in the life of any business, when standing out from the crowd starts to feel like more of a challenge. If this is you, then a solid content strategy might be just what you need to take your business to the next level and gain a competitive advantage.

The Five Stages of Content Strategy

At Alpha Candy, we utilize a five-step process to creating an effective content strategy and content marketing in Dubai. Following these steps, ensure that we’re headed in the right direction when the content campaigns get launched. We don’t gamble with time and money by shooting blind, instead we do everything to ensure we meet the targets that we set out to hit.

1. Knowing Your Content Objectives

To begin your strategy process, you need to know your brand and your content objectives. Some of which could be:

• Boosting brand awareness
• Strengthening your brand positioning
• Increasing web traffic
• Increasing conversions
• Generating backlinks
• Creating partnerships
• Connecting with influencers
• Positioning yourself as a thought leader
• Winning the trust of your target audience

This is not an exhaustive list, as you may even have more specific goals in mind for your content.

2. Doing the Research

In this second stage, spend time investigating the content landscape, map out your existing audiences and create personas that will identify your typical users. Use analytics tools, to identify the content assets that are performing best your competitors and for you in terms of backlinks, social shares, organic traffic and conversions. This will help you see popular themes and formats, as well as any content gaps.

3. Brainstorming Campaign Ideas

Using the insights and knowledge gotten through your research, begin brainstorming content ideas. Usually, this involves many different specialists such as SEO, social media, account etc. but this way, you’re able to generate and assess ideas from many different angles.

After the initial session, pick your favorite ideas and decide on the best format for them before heading into the next phase of the process.

4. Refining the Selection

Before creating your campaigns, invest in search intent modelling and target magazines and blogs to ensure there is indeed a demand for them. Ideas that do not meet this demand can be removed, adjusted or refined so that they’re inline with the objectives you’ve set out to achieve. Any ideas that eventually make the cut have a higher chance of success due to this justification process.

5. Your Content Strategy and Roadmap

At the end of the process, you’ll have a series of campaigns that meets your content objectives. Create a content roadmap for each individual task which will map out the activities required on a monthly basis.

Once you have a solid strategy in place for your brand, ensure that your content marketing manager oversees its creative, timely and correct implementation or employ a digital marketing agency in Dubai to handle the entire process.

If you’d like to learn more about digital content strategy, visit us or call to schedule an appointment, As the best SEO agency in Dubai, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver excellent work, while making optimal use of resources.