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Sales Optimization

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Sales optimization is the methodology of implementing your available resources correctly in order to reach the full potential of company’s sales. As the name implies, sales optimization requires the optimization of your sale department’s finance, systems and personnel; everything from the smallest detail on your website last to the training your sales representatives has. This process consists of testing out several layouts, content, strategies etc. and deciding on the approach that has the best consumer feedback. The changes that are made in order to achieve this may be from subtle or minor to drastic.

Sales optimization emphasizes on total conversions and average order value rather than just converting your existing users. For example, it prioritizes the strategy through which 3 users checked out with a single item which is worth $40 each than the one in which 6 customers checked out with two items, each worth $2.

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    Your Website is Your Revenue Factory

    We optimize your sales performance by firstly devising a sales plan. The primary things that need to be done when devising a sales plan are analyzing market feasibility of the product and correlating marketing and sales objectives. Other key factors that need to be kept in mind are establishing the targeted audience, customer feedback analysis and account management. Implementing a strategy that best caters to your customer’s needs is the best way to increase sales.

    After comprehensive analysis, we build a website that offers better usability to its users and provides direct interaction with the customers.

    Next comes sales enablement. We build sales briefs based on buyer demographic, competitor analysis, ROI and TCO. These briefs include non-conventional methods such as social media marketing, marketing automation and content marketing and help the sales team build a relationship with the buyers.

    You need to make sure that you are not over burdening your sales staff by assigning them non-sales related tasks. Assigning the proper tasks to the rightly trained personnel is key in generating sales. Time is money, so make sure that you utilize your time well by assigning the right person for the right job.