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Online Analytics

Online analytics takes you from monitor to understand then strategize and get your targets with Google Analytics and other premium tacking tools

DATA is the new OIL!

Online analytics, also known as web analytics is one of the most important practices in digital marketing tracking metrics. It collects data such as the amount of traffic that is coming to your website, how the traffic is being directed there, page views, clicks and retention time etc. With the help of this information, you can gain insight into what are the strong and weak points of your website and what marketing techniques the consumers are best responding to. This allows the advertiser to restructure your marketing strategy and devise a better approach that enhances the user experience and hence increases conversions.

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    With such valuable data in your hands, you can create truly exceptional marketing campaigns and design websites that have an exceptionally high conversion rate. Our services include gathering data or analyzing data that you have collected to create a more fluid strategy that suits your business.

    • We integrate your website with Google Analytics and other premium tacking tools
    • Next, we monitor your data to find out effectiveness of the current campaign and pin point any weak points
    • Tests and trial runs in optimizing your site. We brainstorm and come up with different solutions for your various problems and then we test them out
    • to see which strategy yields the best result
    • Our final step is to create a customized strategy that best fits your brand’s ideals and objectives and contains solutions unique to your problems