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Website Design strategies to 10x Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Website Design strategies to 10x Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Website Design strategies to 10x Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

In January 2021, Netcraft conducted a Web Server Survey to see how many websites are currently functioning in the world. To their surprise, they found out that there are nearly 1.19 billion websites working from different parts of the globe.

But the real question is, do you really think your website can compete against all these hordes of sites? We both might know the answer to this question.

Unless you are working for Google or any other giant tech firm or a web design company in Dubai, a lot of planning and consideration goes into making a website that is not just transparent on the website but also helps you achieve your business objectives.

That being said, gone are the days of brochure-like websites. These days, it is all about developing a website that garners the attention of your prospects and turns them into potential customers. Your website should have all the right psychological factors and marketing strategies to increase the strength of your customers.

With the never ending competition in the digital spectrum, your business website should compete with the big players in the market and become more than just a sweet face online.

These days, a sound and efficient website design will lead you to nowhere. It needs to have that subtlety and inbound gimmicks to turn your business into a lead-generating machine.

While all of this may sound sweet to the ears, everything is possible.

While we agree with the fact that your website is the biggest marketing tool for your website development company in Dubai, you can achieve a lot with some creative power and increase its efficiency by ten times.

In this blog, we will talk about 10 useful and practical website design hacks that will make your website ten times better and turn your website into a potential money-making machine.

You can use these website strategies to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. Needless to say, your website will not just look better but will also be able to suffice your customers’ requirements.

So without any further delay, let us build the website of your dreams and win hearts and business.

1.    Develop a strong website persona that represents your brand

You may have heard about buying persona and how it can benefit you or effect you in the long run. Just like that, you website strategy needs a credible seller persona that helps you market your website.

Your business should be explained through some personality traits like (creative and young, established and well-known, promising and serious, professional and easy-going, etc.)

Apart from personality traits, your seller persona should contain a set of colors, charm your audience through a specific mood, convey through a specific voice, and gain trust through important aspects in website.

Based on these findings, you will create some specific website characteristics that make up your brand persona. Also, it is worth mentioning that your brand persona should always be defined on a card, just like buyer personas.



2.    Your content should ALWAYS be visually appealing

Many prominent psychologists suggest that humans are loaded with nearly 2 million bits of information per second. What’s more surprising is the fact that a human brain can process all the information up to 134 bits per second.

When you are down the road for creating a strong website design, don’t bombard your audience with un-necessary words about your mission-vision statement. We know and everyone knows that with extra words, people skim to the context and jump to another one, so save yourself the struggle and write what is meaningful to you.

As a matter of fact, if you do want to create a strong persona on your website, develop engaging content with the help of pictures and visuals from a web design agency in Dubai so that your audience can remember what you are talking about.

While we agree to the fact that SEO-based content is a must for website-ranking, ensure that your content is in line with the visual aspects of your website. There are six different types of visual elements you can incorporate in your website. They are as follows:

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Screenshots
  • GIFs


3.    All your keywords should be according to your website’s content

They keywords you use in your content decide how you will rank on search engine platforms. For instance, if your company is offering social media services, but if your website has little or no usage of words like “Social Media” and its related keywords, there is a possibility that your website will be ranked appropriately.

In the meanwhile, if your target audience is using the right keywords to look up for services that you too can offer, they are hitting in the sweet spot. Therefore, if you are not adding the appropriate keywords in your content, your website will not be able to generate leads.