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Top Instagram Trends That You Should Know in 2021

Top Instagram Trends That You Should Know in 2021

Top Instagram Trends That You Should Know in 2021

Instagram never seizes to surprise us.

While the world is trying to stay strong in these challenging times, it is wonderful to see how Instagram is quickly embracing the new features and functions to combat important business issues and help users support their loved brands.

In recent times, Instagram for business has emerged to be more than just a social media platform and has transformed itself as one of the strongest channels for businesses to cash into their designated audience, across various industries.

If you have an e-commerce business, your goal should always be to stay in line with the existing marketing trends. With 2021 progressing at a snail’s speed, it is important to assess what type of campaigns our audiences loved, and what didn’t, and what can you expect moving forward on all social media platforms you are planning to market on.

With nearly 1 billion users active around the world, there is a possibility that Instagram is on that list of those platforms. This means that you would want to know the latest Instagram trends and how you can use them to your advantage in 2021.

In this blog, we will talk about the top trends of Instagram and how effectively you can adjust and plan your Instagram strategy for your business.

So without any further delay, let us begin.

1.    Instagram Stories – The Cornerstone of Influencer Marketing

Advertising on Instagram stories is probably the reason why businesses embrace Instagram in their digital marketing strategy. Even though it was introduced to the masses a few years ago, it didn’t take long to solidify itself as one of the strongest Instagram trends and captivate the hearts of Instagrammers across the world.

Today, it is considered to be the most widely used feature in the application but has also become a fan-favorite among its parent company Facebook, compelling the application to introduce something of a kind for its consumers across the world.

That being said, if you look into some certain examples from influencers, you would happen to know that nearly nine of out of ten brands have measured success from it, thereby creating a strong impression on the influencers’ content about their brand.

Moving forward, many marketing research indicates an increasing percentage of stories and it being the biggest marketing trends in 2021. Another research analysis suggests that nearly 64 percent of the influencers on Instagram are using the stories feature more regularly than the previous year.


2. The Trend for Instagram Reels is Expected to Grow

Based on the insights suggested by the Influencer Marketing Hub, Instagram reels, a feature which allows the users to create and edit short videos was introduced in 2020 and is currently functional in nearly 50 countries.

Since its induction in the application, Instagram reels has been called by many different things. For starters, they have been called as Facebook’s Tik-Tok rival, the Tik-Tok clone and many more.

Given how Tik-Tok has captured the market with its reels-based videos, it won’t be a surprising factor if reels becomes just as relevant as stories. The inauguration of reels may still prove to be a tipping point for Tik-Tok and is a trend which influencers and brands look out for in 2021.

About a month before the reels update was inducted in Tik-Tok, the application was banned in India. This move allowed the Tik-Tokers to look for alternative solutions, which they found in Instagram reels. A marketing research suggests that the average time spent by Indian users in Instagram has increased to nearly 4 percent ever since the reels update was introduced.

Also with Tik-Tok under heavy sanctions by the United States, there is a possible chance that Instagram reels will soon take over as the top trends in 2021.


3.    Instagram Live – The New Normal

Instagram live has been one of the rapid growing trends in recent months and an important trend followed by influencers and brands all over the world.

With countries in lockdown to eliminate the spread of COVID-19, people took to digital platforms to keep their social media presence active. During the peak of pandemic in April, 2020, the usage of Instagram Live grew to 73 percent in just a single month.

Marketing analysts credit it to the fact that humans are in no way constrained to remain in isolation for extended periods and are using social media platforms to fulfil their desires for interaction.

With lockdown still imposed in different countries, Instagram Live is an amicable feature and a trend that will keep influencers and people hooked for a long time.


4.    Instagram Hangouts – Live Sessions With Up to 3 People

In the beginning of 2021, Instagram introduced live rooms, an update requested by millions of consumers from around the world.

The primary objective of live rooms is to inspire and encourage live communication through Instagram. The logic behind live rooms is to open more creative opportunities for brands and influencers to connect with their target audience and interact on a more personal basis. The said update can also be used by a group of friends to talk and just have fun.

In previous times, you could only participate in a live stream and write a comment. But with the new feature, you can interact with up to 3 people in a room. To start your very own Instagram live room for cost-effective digital marketing services for business, do the following:

  • Start your Instagram account
  • Swipe left and tap on the Live Camera option
  • Create your title and tap on the rooms icons to add your designated guests
  • Look up to for guests in the search bar or allow people to join the room to go in live with you

With the above mentioned methods, you will be live in just a matter of few seconds. However, there is another excellent feature for chatting. It allows different Instagram ad specialists and marketers in Dubai to collect a large chunk of money.

During the live chat sessions, viewers can collect a badge to show their enthusiasm and support towards your product/brand.


5.    Cross App Messaging Via Instagram and Facebook

Instagram promised its consumers back in September that it will introduce cross-app messaging soon. The update was rolled out in February, 2021 and allowed the consumers from both social networks to share messages with one another.

The feature, however, goes beyond the nature of just searching and messaging. It also allows you to have a video chart and reshare content on multiple platforms. This cross-app messaging function is applicable to your status as well.

When the function is enabled, it will show on both of the channels that you are online.


Ending Note

There you go. These are some of the top Instagram trends that you should know in 2021. With these trends, you will get sufficient knowledge to create an astounding Instagram strategy for your business that will be well-appreciated by your customers.

However, the real question lies on your usage. Are you a professional user or a casual user? Regardless of who you are, what do you think of these trends and which ones will you be following in detail?

Do let us know by sharing your ideas below.