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Modern Trends in SEO Strategy

Modern Trends in SEO Strategy

Modern Trends in SEO Strategy

As an SEO agency in Dubai, we know that the daily incorporation of new companies, creates a fierce competition for online users’ attention now more than ever. So, staying on top of the latest SEO trends becomes even more important since doing so will ensure that you meet the specific requirements search engines use to rank websites.

The Google algorithms go through numerous changes during the span of one year and while most changes are minor, they still could affect your search ranking. But before you go searching for the best SEO provider in Dubai, keep on reading for modern trends in SEO strategy.


Voice search

People are currently conducting searches based on how they speak. In 2017 alone, there were more than 33 million voice search queries. Recent data gathered also shows that about 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. As this rises in popularity, more people will begin to type out searches the same way they would speak.

These search queries are mostly long-tail and quite specific and the users appreciate an answer very exact to the question they asked. So, using long-tail keywords as well as bullet lists, will more than likely increase conversions.


Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is a summation of an answer to a search query. You’ll usually find it displayed at the top of the SERP result, above both paid and organic ads.

Since their emergence a few years ago, they’ve led to significant changes in Google’s search engine result pages. Because of the featured snippets, about half of all searches result in zero clicks because the answers users need are gotten directly from SERPs. Featured snippets now get more traffic than the first organic search results. Use this to your advantage by aiming for both question-based search queries and keywords.


Influencer Marketing

A lot more marketers will begin to use influencers for SEO. A number of businesses have begun to spend over half of their marketing budget on influencers as the importance of their reach cannot be denied especially for companies, in fashion, beauty, eCommerce, travel, and lifestyle.

Online users these days are bombarded with ads, as a result, they value authentic information they can trust, oftentimes, this information comes in the form of an influencer review. By using said influencers, you can generate traffic to your website, enhance your online visibility and strengthen your content reach. However, in order to see favorable returns on your investment with influencer marketing, it’s important to plan and execute your sponsored content properly and ensure that they align with the needs of your audience.



It’s well known that google loves video so a continuous trend with be an increase in the prioritization of video content. Since it’s a crucial part of SEO strategy as well as digital marketing, it’s more likely to show up on the first page of SERP than one with just plain text. So, in order to ensure higher traffic, it’s advisable to create helpful video content that’ll support your text posts. Ensure that they are optimized to fit your blog’s width and include on page text to help Google understand what the video content is about.


With the never-ending algorithm updates, it can feel like you may never fully understand SEO. However, it’s important to understand that in order to succeed with SEO, you need to incorporate both online and offline marketing strategies. Invest in SEO strategies on a long-term strategy for lead generation and stay up to date on all the latest SEO trends to avoid falling behind. For more information, or to learn more about SEO services in Dubai, contact us today.