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How to Shape Your SEO Strategy for 2019

How to Shape Your SEO Strategy for 2019

How to Shape Your SEO Strategy for 2019

Every year, there are new changes made in the field of SEO. Whenever this topic comes up, the question that arises in the mind of every search engine optimization professional in Dubai is “Is Google going to update the Search Algorithm and kill SEO?” This is because we’ve seen Google update its algorithm many times in a bid to maintain its position as the best search engine tool, which in turn drastically affects some SEO techniques and methodologies.

Since it’s becoming increasingly hard for people to determine the SEO techniques to implement and the ones to discard, we will address some of the most important tips to follow if you want to improve your website rankings without getting hit by any of Google’s Penalty or Algorithm Updates.

The best SEO strategies for 2019:

1. High quality Content is a necessity

The whole point of searching on Google is to find the most accurate and relevant results available, which Google does by looking for the websites, blogs, and web pages with the best and relevant answers, to list on the first three pages of SERPs.

In order to rank on one of those top spots, you need to publish content filled with high quality information that is relevant to your niche and key words, and will establish you as an expert/authority on your subject since consumers are always looking for comprehensive, in-depth content on niche subjects.

2. Improved visibility through regular branding

Most website owners, generally believe that since they’ve created good, high-quality content, Google will automatically show them on top. That unfortunately is naïve thinking. There’s no way for google to understand how good your content is without regular Branding.

If you don’t understand branding, it is a way to promote your website, content, and blog on various web platforms in order to gain more audience and traffic. The stronger your brand image becomes; the more Google recognizes your presence and prioritizes your content. 

3. Use keywords based on voice searches

Voice search is one of the new ways of searching on the Internet and is steadily revolutionizing the way users conduct searches. Local SEO will become more important due to the rise in voice searches. So it’s important to emphasize your local SEO strategy to earn more click-throughs and optimize your Google my business profile, making sure all details are correct and up to date.

4. Publish Original Content

Google is prioritizing authenticity and originality in SEO this year, so publishing original content and avoiding plagiarism penalties will yield significant SEO benefits such as lots of high-quality backlinks to your page.

The more unique your content is, the more value you’ll giving to your users. So, create and publish unique data which will result in dozens of backlinks and better SEO through increased authenticity. Avoid reusing old content or paraphrasing existing online content.

5. Optimize your website for mobile

Do not underestimate the importance of website design and marketing strategies for mobile. Google has said it will be launching a new indexing method prioritizing mobile sites over desktop sites. So, it is best to have a mobile-friendly, responsive website design, as well as a mobile URL, to avoid low rankings on the SERPs.

In conclusion, Even though people think SEO isn’t as effective as it used to be, it remains one of the most effective tools for improving business. As an seo company in Dubai with years of experience, we guarantee that if you follow these tips, you will get higher ranking for your website.

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