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How to Boost SEO by Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization?

How To Boost SEO By Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization?

How to Boost SEO by Avoiding Keyword Cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization is not to be underestimated. It could simply drop a website ranking to the bottom very easily. From the experts of SEO in Dubai, after looking into local and international statistics it is safe to say that Keyword cannibalization occurs when a website’s architecture of information and content depends on a single phrase or keyword. Moreover, it relies on that on multiple parts of the website (pages, layers, parts, etc.).

This could indeed happen due to lack of experience or even lack of attention to that certain detail and absolutely unintentionally. However, having some pages that target, solely, a single keyword could turn around with negative results. Furthermore, ignoring Google’s guidelines regarding keyword spread across the website’s pages to have a website ranking through those pages for a specific term, cannot be executed haphazardly.

Studying different parameters of online presence, SEO happens to be the most challenging and one of the biggest concerns that face companies in any market around the world. This is due to the weight search engine optimization puts in success. SEO and digital marketing walk hand in hand with or without paid advertising; results could still be dramatically successful and mind-blowing!

In many markets –huge markets or even humble ones- many customers have converted to the easy digital world of opportunities. SEO places a business in front of the eyes of the right prospects. With crowds bustling online most of their waking time, it is the biggest exposure a business could possibly get.

Why keyword cannibalization is harmful to a website’s SEO?

Because it places the same website’s pages in competition. Meaning the pages compete against each other for a higher ranking. For some, that sounds good, but actually, it is not. Surprisingly, it does not strengthen your website’s status on Google; it makes it harder for a search engine to detect which of the pages should go on top of the pages of search results. Consequently, not knowing which landing page or rather say destination to route your potential customers to. This said it means they might be routed to the wrong page leading to losing them! In a more specific way, keyword cannibalization issues are:

  • Decrease of the authority of web pages
  • Devaluation of the most significant web pages
  • Dissipating the crawl budget
  • Dropping page quality

How to avoid it and get better results?

In order to avoid the struggle to direct customers to the correct page to convert the most of the visitors from potential leads to customers the website needs to have:

  • Internal linking
  • Articles combination
  • Content optimization
  • Using 301 redirects

Boost a website’s SEO with strong keywords

Google keeps altering and adding different algorithms to help arrange how pages are ranking. However, keywords are one of the most significant constituents of the algorithm. An experienced SEO Company in Dubai UAE with an in house team working on a website from A to Z. It understands how to avoid cannibalization and get the best results out of it. The process needs targeting long keyword phrases, watching key-wording closely and carefully, using variations of critical keywords and making use of technical SEO knowledge and experience to guarantee to have:

  • An effectual site architecture
  • Proper URL formatting
  • Proper sub-domains use
  • Correct Meta tagging
  • Website design that guarantees quick pages loading
  • Bots friendly accessing canonicalization and pagination

The more a website expands the higher the chances of suffering from the keyword. Content is not to be taken lightly and there is always time to replace a piece of it. Continuous alteration and updating of a website’s content are always better than letting pages eat into their value.

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