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How Human Centric Web Design Improves Your Workflow?

How Human Centric Web Design Improves Your Workflow?

How Human Centric Web Design Improves Your Workflow?

Technology has become so deeply integrated into our daily lives that it is often hard to separate ourselves from it. And while a few years ago, the inter web may have seemed foreign and complicated for many, today everyone effectively uses the internet for one reason or another without thinking twice about it.

These innovations in technology have led to changes in the way we view web design in Dubai. Nowadays, we do not simply design a website and expect users to alter their behavior to adapt to it. Rather, the best website designers in UAE use an approach known as human centric web design.


What is Human Centric Web Design?

Human centric web design is a process of website development in which humans are considered to be the reason why a website or system exists in the first place, rather than simply being a user of the site.

In simple words, human centric web design follows the philosophy that websites are not only designed for functionality, but also for delivering great user experiences (UX). The purpose of website designing, then, is to create a system that caters the needs of humans in an easy to use and effective way.

In human centric website design, the web developer will develop a deep empathy and understanding of the people that the website is being created for. The developer uses innovative approaches to generate ideas and develop several prototypes of the website. This ultimately results in the best possible solution for the website, in terms of the humans that it is created for.


How Human Centric Web Design Improves Workflow?

Adopting a human centric web design approach can actually improve overall workflow. This is because it takes into consideration what humans really require from the web application, and this helps web developers to get a better grasp on what they must deliver.

Before we move any further, it is important to understand the very slight distinction between user centric and human centric website design:


User Centric Web Design

Designing a website that solves a certain, usually straightforward problem of the end users. Developers keep the end user in mind when creating the site.


Human Centric Web Design

A broader approach that considers humans as the reason why the website is being developed in the first place. Extra attention is paid towards human behavior and activities in order to create a truly impressive website that delivers the ultimate user experience (UX).

To this end, there are three major stages involved with human centric web design:


1.      Inspiration

This stage involves getting a deep understanding of the humans behind the website. By gaining a deep understanding of the stakeholders and their specific needs, a solution can be developed.


2.      Design

In light of the understanding that is gathered during the inspiration stage, the design stage consists of generating ideas and developing possible prototypes that will create the best solution.


3.      Implementation

Select the best solution and bring it to life within the website design


Following these three stages during the web designing process will result in a website that effectively meets the needs of the people and delivers the best possible solution. This improves workflow by steering the objective away from developing the perfect product and towards developing the perfect solution.


Where to Find the Best Web Design Company in Dubai?

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