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Difference between Laravel and WordPress

Difference between Laravel and WordPress

Difference between Laravel and WordPress

If you are interested in starting your own personal or business website, then you will likely require help from an experienced web development company in Dubai. This is because building a successful website requires programming and web designing skills.

Even when working with a specialist web development company in Dubai, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the frameworks and content management systems being used. The most common terms that are used when it comes to web development is “Laravel” and “WordPress”.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework. It was created in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, with the aim of dealing with complex tasks more easily, and its main purpose is development of unique websites and web applications.

Laravel follows a feature-packages architecture and it is based on a set of reusable PHP components/libraries called Symfony. This allows high cohesion and high modularity, and with minimal coupling between packages.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress runs using a theme-based system and follows the plugin architecture offering more than 55,000 different plugins. This means that there are thousands of themes that are highly customizable, making it easy to set up a website.

WordPress is a great way to create a website, as the plugins can be used to modify themes, or to build a website from scratch and make it a custom-made solution that fits the needs of the e-commerce website.

Differences Between Laravel and WordPress

To someone who has little knowledge of website development, WordPress and Laravel may seem like one and the same thing. However, there are distinct differences between the two, and each is applicable in different situations.

The most distinguishable difference is that Laravel is a framework, while WordPress is a system. This means that both serve different functions.


1.    Laravel is a Framework

Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework. This means that Laravel provides various features, mainly for complex tasks that arise during the website development process, such as authentication, verification, data management, and other. It is a developer friendly structure supported by excessive documentation.

A web development company that is tasked with creating a one of a kind, tech savvy and unique website with complex features will likely use Laravel for the purpose of developing the e-commerce website. This is because Laravel’s main purpose is to ease a developer’s job for complex issues in web apps, so it will allow the web development company to build a unique and complex website from the ground up.


2.    WordPress is a System

WordPress is a content management system. This means that WordPress is pre-built. However, it offers customizable themes that can be modified and adjusted to suit the needs of each website. Various plugins serve the same purpose enhance the user experience and help create better content management.

If a WordPress website development company is tasked with creating a website for a traditional blog or e-commerce site, for an owner who does not possess strong technical skills, then WordPress is the best option. This is because it is faster and easy to customize, and is easy to manage for even those with low computer skills.


To break it down even further, here are the differences between the two:

Laravel WordPress
·         PHP Web Framework ·         Content Management System
·         Complex compared to WordPress ·         Simpler compared to Laravel
·         Plenty of built in capabilities ·         Plugins for further functionality
·         Features for making complex problems easier ·         Less learning curve and easier to understand and use
·         Customizable from the ground up ·         Customizable with the help of themes and plugins


Similarities Between Laravel and WordPress

While there are distinct differences between Laravel and WordPress for website development, there are also some similarities. For this reason, a WordPress web development company in Dubai may also be competent as a Laravel development agency. And sometimes, both web development tools may be used for the same purpose.

Here are the major similarities:

  • User Centered Functionality
  • Easy to Use Websites
  • Simple to Manage
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency in Web Solutions
  • Easy integration of third-party services
  • Large supporting community worldwide

Both Laravel and WordPress are designed to make the web development process easier for web developers. On one hand, Laravel makes web development easier by providing features to easily solve complex tasks. On the other hand, WordPress makes it easier by offering built in themes that can be customized according to the specific website requirements.

At the same time, both Laravel and WordPress are easy to use, transparent, and efficient web development solutions.


Advantages of Laravel and WordPress

Both are fantastic tools for website development in UAE. As a matter of fact, Laravel can be integrated with WordPress for certain web development tasks. Due to their numerous advantages, you can find specialist WordPress web development company in Dubai, as well as a specialist Laravel development agency.


Advantages of Laravel

  • Implemented authentication system
  • Simple validation and authorization process for web apps
  • Easily manageable automated tasks
  • Consistency in database migrations
  • Fast and painless deployment of apps
  • Large supporting community worldwide

Advantages of WordPress

  • Search-engine friendly structure
  • Integrated link management
  • Clean permalink structure
  • Ability to assign multiple categories to posts
  • Automatic filters for formatting and styling of text in posts
  • Editing content both in a visual editor and an HTML-based text editor
  • Fast and painless deployment of apps
  • Customizable features with the use of plugins


Where to Find the Best Web Development Company in UAE

If you want to start your own e-commerce online business, then hiring an experienced web development company in Dubai is a worthwhile investment.

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