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Which is the Best e-Commerce Platform to Launch an e-Commerce Store?

Which is the Best e-Commerce Platform to Launch an e-Commerce Store?

Which is the Best e-Commerce Platform to Launch an e-Commerce Store?

With so many businesses finding success with their e-commerce stores, it is safe to say that it has never been easier than even to launch an online business. To make things even easier, there are a plethora of e-commerce platforms to help you design a beautiful and seamless website. With the bonus of a specialist e-commerce web development company in Dubai, you have the secret formula for a successful online business!

Previously, setting up an e-commerce store was much more difficult. Business owners would require extensive programming and web development skills in order to develop an online shop that was both attractive and user friendly.

However, with the introduction of e-commerce platforms and an agency that specializes in web and e-commerce development in UAE, you can actually launch a successful online business with zero expertise in web design!

It is always recommended to consult with a specialist web and e-commerce development agency in UAE such as Alpha Candy when launching your own website. This will ensure that you launch an eye-catching, bug-free and user-friendly site on the first try. In addition to this, it is important to have an idea about the best e-commerce platforms available for launching your online store.

To help you get started, here are the top-rated e-commerce platforms for launching an online shop:



Shopify is by far the most popular solution for shopping cart e-commerce websites. It is easy to sign up, has an extremely intuitive interface, and hosts thousands of themes and templates to choose from. The bottom line is that Shopify is a great way to design and launch an online shopping site. However, for a truly personalized and stylish website development on Shopify, you will likely require a specialist in e-commerce web development.



Wix is an easy-to-use website builder. You can easily create an online store using its simple drag-and-drop editor. Not only does it have a relatively smoother learning curve, but Wix also has over 500 shopping cart templates and free stock images that you can use to easily build your online business. While there is less expertise required to build an online business on Wix, a professional e-commerce website development agency can really help to spruce up and stylize your site.


BigCommerce is another leading e-commerce platform that provides complete SaaS and shopping cart solutions. This is a great website builder as it offers tons of APIs, marketing tools, and even integration with online retail giants such as e-bay and Amazon. BigCommerce also offers some free templates to choose from, and can be highly customizable.



SquareSpace is another e-commerce website development platform that offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. The features are very simple to use, and it offers plenty of elegant templates for creating a breathtaking e-commerce site. SquareSpace also offers additional online business management features such as inventory management, delivery system, etc.. All in all, it is a good option for beginners.



Therefore, there are plenty of e-commerce platform options to choose from. These site builders make creating an online business wonderfully easy and convenient! No matter which e-commerce platform you prefer, you should choose a professional e-commerce web development company in Dubai to help you create your dream site.

Alpha Candy is the leading web and e-commerce development company in UAE. Our team of specialist web designers and developers can help you create the perfect e-commerce website, according to your needs and desires. Contact us now to get started and launch a successful online store!