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5 Important Factors in Web Designing

5 Important Factors in Web Designing

5 Important Factors in Web Designing

When starting an online business, having a web design is imperative. Your e-commerce site is the reflection of your brand, so it is important for your web development to be user-friendly, aesthetic, and convenient for customers.

In fact, having an unattractive or complicated website can be a major turn-off to customers. It can cause them to close your website, refuse to purchase, and even bad mouth your brand to others.

Hence, your web designing may actually have the power to make or break a sale. And with so many great e-commerce websites being launched in Dubai, it is more vital than ever to create a user-friendly and attractive business website.

It is recommended to enlist the help of a professional web development company in Dubai, to help you create a seamless and unique website for your business. Along with this, keep in mind these important factors in web designing, to ensure that you launch the perfect e-commerce website on your first try!


1.    Website Speed

Website speed is the first thing that customers will notice about your online business. If pages take too long to load, they will automatically become annoyed, and are likely to close your website and seek out a faster alternative. Hence, choosing a web design company in Dubai that is able to create a site with healthy speed is very important.


2.    Ease

Most customers are not tech-geniuses, hence they demand a user-friendly website. Therefore, during web development, it is necessary to make sure that the site is easy to navigate and understand. Confusing landing pages and messy architecture is a big no. A clean website with an intuitive interface and usability is a must. This will build a good reputation for your site, and can improve your performance on search engines.


3.    Theme

Remember that your website is a part of your brand. Thus, your website’s theme should be in cohesion with your brand image. Play around with the design elements, colors, and templates so that they represent your brand. A good Website Design and Development Agency in Dubai should be able to create a design that is personalized towards your brand.


4.    Aesthetic

An unattractive web design can make your online business seem illegitimate or sketchy. So, pay attention to detail to create an eye-catching and aesthetic web design. Focus on good color combinations, clear fonts, and a consistent layout. Also choose good design elements that make your website stand out to customers. This will create a good impression and make customers more willing to trust your product or service offering.


5.    Content

The primary reason why customers visit your website is for the content! Whether you have a shopping cart e-commerce business, or a services website, your content should be clear, legible, and compelling. That being said, be sure that your content is true to your brand and product or service offering, whilst being engaging and compelling. A professional web development company in Dubai may provide your e-commerce site with quality content marketing services, which is imperative for good SEO and search engine rankings.


These 5 important web designing factors can greatly influence the success of your online business, and subsequently improve its profitability. Be sure to find a specialist web design company in Dubai that can successfully implement all these factors to render an attractive, fast, and user-friendly website.

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