How Logo & Web Design Impacts Startups in Dubai

The rise in technological advancements have seen to an increase in new start-up businesses in different parts of the world. Businesses are now flourishing with the number of opportunities available for generating the funds needed to accomplish your business ventures, without taking into consideration the services which require advertising, -mainly the design requirements needed to promote their product.
A good design is important for any kind of business, but it’s more important for the promotion and advertising of early startup business ventures. A good design is very impactful in devising innovative approaches for start-up businesses as some designs can produce higher ROI than others by capturing the attention of target audiences through factors such as: convenience, reliability and exceptional first impression.

Here’s how to maximize the impact startups in Dubai, through logo & web design

1. Make Designs for Your Specific Target Audience:

The best designs are the ones that meet the requirements of its target audience and are aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. Majority of the Dubai based startups require logos and web design services that fulfill the client’s needs, in order to stand out in the competition with other companies. The best way to achieve this target is to conduct an extensive market research and then create your logo or designs based on the needs of your target audience.

2. Maintain Brand Consistency

Before brainstorming and devising new marketing ideas, you must first understand the localities and preferences of each region in order to offer your services in such a way that is consistent with your brand. This also applies to creative logo & web designs for both online and offline services, efforts should be made to maintain consistency so as not to affect your brand in the long run.

3. Collect Information on Design Solutions:

Creating a logo or web design has a lot to do with developing new ideas, concepts and innovations that can affect the overall productivity of your business. It is recommended that you analyze your brand so that you can present your ideas in a cohesive manner. It should be noted however, that gathering information is the main activity to consider when trying to inform a specific target audience and your ideas based on the acquired information you’ll have to create logos and web designs for your consumers.

4. Work on Your Ideas:

Don’t just keep on a brainstorming bunch of ideas in your mind. Albeit, your sole purpose is to engage yourself to work on your collected ideas and try to complete them as soon as possible. Certainly, designers are classified to be perfectionists, and they spend hours on designing various design solutions.

Hence, the idea of working on your design solutions requires more efforts, especially for startup ventures, as trends are being revised significantly in each quarter of the year.

Mostly, web & logo design companies in Dubai tend to compete on quality rather than quantity, as new possibilities of pricing are revised ultimately, so it is recommended for a graphic designer to focus on quality rather than quantity as it would definitely result in possible good earning.

5. Ask For Feedback:

Never forget to seek feedback from your clients, colleagues after the deliverance of your product or services. As, feedback is vital ingredient for attaining success, especially for businesses and startups. Apparently, all the feedbacks will not be trustworthy, but you might get a sustainable suggestions and ideas that can be beneficial for your future growth.


Significantly, it is proven that trends pertaining to logo and web design produces everlasting results to reach your startup at next level professionally designed logos and web solutions tend to have a positive impact on the potential clients, that eventually results in customer satisfaction and organizational growth. As, it is wisely proven that first impression draws the attention towards the next level for the growth of your business.

Creative and Effective Ways to Improve Your Organic CTR

CTR, short for Click Through Rate is a performance metric that can be used to measure performance for both email marketing, SEM, SEO and other digital marketing channels.

Increasing CTR, has become a top priority for digital marketers as of late with emphasis placed on crafting compelling meta titles and descriptions. This is because it is highly important for SEO as It’s used for analyzing user intent, measuring the quality of your copy and analyzing the effectiveness of your call-to-action. It’s also been found to impact your rankings. A high organic CTR on any search engine leads to more traffic from an increase in the resulting ranking.

Now that you know how important CTR is,

Here are 3 creative things you can do to increase your CTR from the best SEO company in UAE!

Step One: Optimize your page title

Your page title is the first thing most people will see when looking for your business. Since its the first thing users will notice, it must achieve a couple of things at once:

Inform users about what your website offers

Provide users with a reason to visit your website

Include your target keywords

For SEO purposes, it’s advisable to keep your target keywords at the beginning of the page title. Using your target keywords close to the beginning makes it easier for users to immediately understand what your page is about, thereby improving CTR.

Step Two: Optimize your meta description

Your meta description, is the text excerpt Google displayed in the search results below your page’s title and URL. It’s usually a short description of the page and describes the type of product, service or information you offer.

According to Google, meta description does not play a major role in your page ranking for its target keywords, but it is essential in defining your page’s click-through rate from organic search.

If your page doesn’t have a meta description, Google will generate one by taking a snippet of text from your page that it thinks is most relevant for each keyword.

Optimizing your meta description can greatly improve your listing’s CTR, resulting in more traffic, more leads and more sales.

Just like a good page title, a good meta description needs to:

Inform users about what to expect after they reach your page

Mention a benefit, unique to your listing

End with a call to action that encourages users to click

You can also use review snippets to make your page stand out, and ensure that its compelling enough for people to click on.

Step Three: Use a highly, relevant short page URL

The last step in an exceptional organic search listing is your page’s URL. Although it has the smallest impact on CTR, it’s worth optimizing as it still makes enough of a difference.

Make sure your URL consists of your target keywords, it doesn’t conflict with your meta description or page title, its short enough and precisely describes what’s on the page As an innovative SEO agency in Dubai, we will provide you with a complete set of solutions for your SEO services. So, contact us today!

Best Web Design Trends for 2019

Throughout the years, web designers have adapted to the drastic evolution of web development in Dubai, creating pages according to the market demand that is both aesthetic and user-friendly. With mobile browsing exceeding desktop usage in the past year, web designs in 2019 are expected to be a lot more mobile friendly.

This article will feature some of the web design trends that are sure to dominate 2019.

1.    Minimalism

Although this trend is not relatively new, it is sure not to die anytime soon. The reason to why it has stood the test of time is that it actually works. The more is less trend focuses mainly on bold typography, an ample amount of negative space and colored accents. Minimalism is a way of reducing the clutter and minimizing the number of distractions so that the user can navigate through the site easily. 

2.    Mobile Friendly Interfaces

With mobile usage becoming more common than desktop browsing, mobile-friendly interfaces have become the future of web design. Web designing agencies tend to lean more towards simpler mobile interfaces with better functionality rather than complex interfaces like the ones in desktops. 

3.    A Pop of Color

Use of bold colors rapidly gained popularity in the past year and is slowing making its mark in 2019 as well. Using an array of vibrant colors in contrasts has become the new emerging trend. It allows for a great deal of creative liberty in expressing the brands personality and vision in a visually appealing manner.

4.    Illustrations and Animations

Illustrations and animations can act as a key component in relaying the company’s message and ideas to the users. They not only have a practical function but also add an element of fun and visual appeal to the site. It is the perfect trend to adopt in order to soften the image of the brand and make it seem more approachable.

What to expect in 2019 Web designs in 2019 have definitely become bolder as web designers have become more courageous in trying out new adventurous designs. While some of the old web design trends will firmly hold their position throughout this year as well, other new innovative designs are emerging and making their mark on 2019.

How to Get Great Reviews for Local SEO

In business, what your customers say about you online, dictates the first impression other prospects have when they meet your brand because the internet is such a public thing.

Studies show that up to 93% of customers say that online reviews heavily affect their buying decisions.

As a result, you should pay close attention to the reviews you receive, because even though they are a small part of your online presence, they can be very important sales-drivers for you, which in turn affects youse.

This is because search engines seek to provide users with the most relevant and informative content on the topic they have searched for, and since online reviews are some of the most informative content available on a product, heavy emphasis is placed on websites that feature reviews.

Now you know why online reviews an important part of local SEO in Dubai, read on for how you can use them to boost your ranking.

1. Create a Reviews Landing Page

Since google prioritizes high-quality content, the reviews landing page has to be relevant, useful, and help the searcher with answers to their questions. The more relevant a page is, the more times people will go back for more, indicating its usefulness to Google which in turn increases the SEO ranking.

To make the most of this method, create a dedicated landing page with keywords targeting your business and location.

2. Improve Your Google My Business Profile

Without creating and filling out your Google My Business profile, chances are you may not rank high on Google. If you haven’t made one yet, start by claiming your Google My Business page and fill out your profile. Make sure to provide a detailed description of your business, lots of relevant images, as well as a local phone number and your businesses’ address.

Once you’ve filled out all the information, start collecting customer reviews via your business profile.

3. Respond to Reviews

It’s important to build a connection with your customers through timely response to reviews. It also shows future buyers that you care about their concerns and feedbacks.

Plus, review responses can also help you rank higher in local searches, because they provide an excellent opportunity for you to add in keywords through detailed responses.

5. Claim Your Business on All Relevant Review Sites

We all know by now that google reviews are the most important types of reviews when it comes to ranking high in local searches. However, your customer reviews across other top review sites can also push your business up the search rankings.

In order to do this, claim your business listings on any relevant sites you want to use, i.e. sign up and fill out your business profile in detail. This just makes sure that all the information potential customers might need from you is easy to find.

Some review sites include: Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other relevant review sites within your industry.

With online reviews, it’s best to go all out especially if you want to rank high in local searches. You can either publish them on your website, create a dedicated landing page, and give reviewers options of which review sites they can review on.

What Does Organic SEO Really Mean?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the trending services in digital marketing. SEO services in Dubai has taken many service providers and businesses to the top list of the search results allowing them the greatest exposure to all the potential clients allowing them to build an unmatched online presence and reputation boosting both their credibility and view-ship eventually guaranteeing ROI through methods and techniques in unpaid, algorithm-driven outcomes on a given search engine, such as boosting keywords, back-linking and writing high-quality content can all improve a site’s page rank.

Boosting keywords refer to the selective and proper use of keywords relevant to a certain industry or field, that are highly targeted or used by potential customers or the Internet surfers interested in such topics or industries. Understanding the use of such keywords relies on a thorough and deep study of both of the market and the target audience. The distribution and the density of the selected keywords used also affect the evaluation of the website and its value to both of surfing individuals and search engines.

Back-linking is a crucial part of the optimization process. It facilitates the process for search bots to crawl a site and rank it properly to its subject matter. Each backlink is a part of a ranking algorithm or puzzle. That is why every website should pursue getting as much back-linking as possible for the purpose of improving website’s ranking and accessibility. It simply means hyperlinking or the links that links a Web page routing back to a website or a web page. Also called an Inbound Link (IBL), these links are important in determining the popularity or how much a web site is visited. Some search engines, including Google will consider Web sites with more backlinks more relevant in search results pages.

High-quality Content is evaluated based on how fresh new and relating to the most recent events, findings statistics and state of the art technologies. Authentic specifically crafted text for website pages, posts, blogs or any uploaded text guarantees better results and avoidance of plagiarism. How informative, useful, safe and value-adding content increases the value of the online presence, its vitality and popularity among online surfers, and web visitors generating better ranking for the online page and the search engines that aim to rank the best and the most engaging material answering online search queries.

Although black hat SEO methods may boost a website’s page rank in the short term, these methods could also get the site banned for it uses automated non-humane material, and dangerous and unsafe sort of modification that could lead to penalties as it lacks authenticity and originality. Black hat spam-like methods will reduce the site’s traffic and rank over time. Organic site optimizing can be achieved by the optimization of the Web page with relevant text, spreading links pointing to the content, and Incorporating Meta tags and other sorts of tag attributes benefiting the website from generating more clicks, long lasting results, building greater trust among the users, and it is way more cost-effective comparing to paid listings.

SEO services in Dubai and even internationally, are pursued by many but to get ideal actual outcome from a dedicated team of creative expertise Alpha Candy is one of the leading agencies for our Dubai based team promises and delivers. Get in touch with an expert today and upgrade to the state of art technologies for unlimited opportunities.

4 Questions Every Online Business Owner Must Consider

What is PPC and SEO?

The debate between SEO and PPC is an old one. While it makes sense to pay for top positions on Google SERPs and channel customers directly towards landing pages, search engine optimizing delivers long-lasting organic results at a significantly lower cost.


PPC advertising directs first-hand traffic towards the company’s landing pages through sponsored results by Google. It works by displaying ads on top of Google SERPs against a fee paid by the company for the keyword integrated into the ad copy. Each time a user clicks on the ad, an amount is deducted from the keyword’s budget – depending on the competitiveness of the keyword.


Alternatively, another method to get exposure, build robust traffic and direct users to organic pages is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO allows the brand to gain visibility for its website on Google SERPs for free through organic practices. Although these practices take time to fetch traffic and thrust rankings, the results are firm and long-lasting than paid advertising.

Both practices yield distinct results in different aspects. To decide which solution is best for your online business, we have summarized the metrics in 4 major questions that every business owner must consider before selecting either of the two practices.

  1. How Big is Your Advertising Budget?

Each company has a specific budget allocated to its marketing. Before deciding between SEO and PPC, an audit must be done to calculate the spendable capacity of the company. A company with budget constraints will go well with SEO practices since little investment is involved.

E-commerce websites, particularly new ones, require a stronger response on landing pages to sell their products and services. To accommodate this, consistent traffic must pass through to convert potential customers and improve conversion rates. While SEO can help push a website’s rankings for the long haul, PPC can drive instant traffic, giving the brand a greater chance to generate income from its online store.

  1. Can You Maintain Your Website with Search Engine Updates?

A major weakness that encompasses SEO practices is the periodic updating of search engine algorithms. Search Engines Algorithms are coded metrics that crawl web content to rank its position on SERPs. When these algorithms update, sites rankings with one-way optimization can lose rankings overnight. PPC on the other hand channels a steady stream of visitors impervious to any intervention of in Search Engine Algorithms.

PPC involves a learning curve, starting with a light but highly targeted campaigns which bind the PPC campaign with the marketer’s Google Analytics Account. This distinctly segments different types of traffic the website receives from PPC, indicating whether the ROI is worth the expense or not.

  1. Is Your Industry’s Average CPCs Favorable?

Aside from budget, another important factor decides if the advertising capital will yield results or not. CPC or Cost Per Click determines the financial success of the PPC campaigns. The ROI a company expects, over or underpaying for each action, is ascertained by how much the advertiser is paying and the quality they are receiving from the investment. The goal is to identify and target clicks which are both valuable and inexpensive. Average CPC depends on business type and industry, but a standard across all industries is around $2. In other cases, stronger keywords require an aggressive budget. For example, the legal consultation industry makes a competitive environment where CPCs can reach as much a $50 for a phrase. This is where SEO comes as a feasible alternative.

  1. What is the Competition Level of Keywords in Your Target Niche?

Free Software such as Google External Keyword Research Tool are widely used by online marketers to determine the competitiveness of the target keywords by estimating their quality and search volume on Google SERPs. If the business niche against the keywords is dominated by authority websites, then it may take a considerable investment of time and money to make displace them. Under such cases, the sounder option is to invest in paid advertising instead of working years in organic SEO and achieving little or no success against hard-wired websites.

Get Your Website Audit Done by Alpha Candy

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5 Steps to Social Media Marketing with ROI Commitments

The transition from conventional marketing channels to more fluid and result-raking media streams has influenced a significant portion of entrepreneurs and SMEs to take up their operations online where they can expose, capture and convert customers faster and in lesser marketing budgets.

The Social media giant Facebook accounts for world’s 7% of global ad marketing spend and 18% of global advertising revenues.

The effectiveness of SMM can be measured based on the type of activity, paid SMM campaigns or organic Social Media activities. Paid campaigns can easily be tracked at the backend of the Social Media channel being used. Care has to be taken to avoid reliance on vanity metrics like Facebook fans and Facebook page likes and concentrate on engagement insights such as comments, shares and impressions.

  1. Define the SMM goals and KPIs

KPIs are key performance indicators that define the targets a brand pursues in order to accomplish its business goals. However, when using SMM, it is critical to determine if the KPIs are awareness oriented or designed for sales progress. If the purpose is ROI, then dollar value can be assigned to businesses conversion goals to gauge its marketing spend against the impact it produces in terms of conversions. Similarly, awareness is also pivoted on certain measurement principles that a business defines from its KPIs. These may range from the organic following, likes, shares and comments generated from a brand’s social media page.

  1. Align the SMM Goals with Business Objectives

To derive the desired response from SMM campaigns, advertisers must integrate the company’s business objectives and corporate identity into its social media components. Essentially, this entails adding the company’s corporate model with digital trends by mapping good content with revenue generation KPIs for example products purchases, customer signups and free trials. Businesses working up for brand awareness seek more long-term KPIs such as brand mentions, impression and the total number of followers or subscribers it has.

  1. Competitor Benchmarking

Staying informed of the latest trends and competitor performance is crucial for a business striving for ROI. Intelligent marketers often visit competitor SM pages to learn their success in reaching the target audience, how they relay unique selling proposition and the frequency of posts on their timeline. To cultivate results accurately and preserve a good edge in digital marketing, deep-seated competitor analysis is a top priority and holds no alternative.

  1. Assign Measurements and SMART goals for Each KPI

Most marketers are unaware of how to assign monetary values to KPIs. There are 5 scales marketers can use

  1. Customer Potential: Buying capacity of each customer
  2. Average Sale: Average sales of products/services from company site
  3. Lifetime Value: The average earning derived from each customer
  4. PPC Valuation: Average cost of Ads to achieve same social media results
  5. Lifetime Value Multiplied by Conversion Rate: Worth of each visitor against conversion percentage of each visitor
  1. Efficient SMM Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics is a free tool marketers use to list tracking of website traffic. An advertiser’s ability to retain traffic is directly proportional to the knowledge he/she has on visitor behaviors, consumer-merchant interaction and the inflow of traffic towards the website from different platforms. Google Analytics can monitor how often a visitor lands on the company’s website through any of the company’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn etc. This helps to distinguish which social media account is most actively engaged along with other valuable statistics necessary for designing ROI centric social media campaigns

How AlphaCandy Can Help

As UAE’s rising digital marketing agency, AlphaCandy focuses on providing accurate and cost-effective digital solutions to facilitate businesses in reaching an explosive online growth with strategic benefits. We are in strategic partnerships with UAE’s leading brands, helping them allocate budgets efficiently to build a vibrant business presence while promoting pleasant experiences for their customers. As SMM specialists, we help your brand get the best exposure and visibility on social media streams through creative content, tailored graphic designing and interactive posts that generate healthy ROI.

5 Tips for Choosing a Reliable SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most essential tools in the digital marketing toolbox. Any brand that seeks quality exposure, cyclic lead generation, and a profound corporate identity must integrate SEO into its marketing mix. However, choosing an SEO partner for your brand is more than what meets the eye. To help you narrow your search, we have designed a guideline that will bring you closest to the best SEO Agency in Dubai.

How Does an SEO Agency Benefit You?

Company that offers services for search engine optimization must be benefit you with,

  • A peace of mind as you focus on running your business
  • A robust, attractive and functional website with great user experience
  • Enhanced rankings on all major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yelp

All this would translate to higher rankings, higher organic traffic, lower bounce rates, increased lead generation, increased conversions and ultimately increased revenues.

These are just the borderline benefits. A great company will most definitely have more where this comes from. So here are the 5 major things you must look out for when hiring an SEO company for your business, company or brand.

  1. Set Your Goals First

To find the right vendor for the job you must first define which sectors of your online presence need improvement. If it’s just bad rankings and lousy traffic, then a little pinch of SEO will do. However, if things are south, then your entire website could require working top to bottom. However, if you can’t figure out which areas to plug, you can hire an SEO expert to audit your website and prove where to start first.

  1. Get Word of Mouth

The best way to obtain an unbiased opinion about an SEO contractor is through actual word of mouth. Reading testimonials, online reviews, studying references or contacting clients directly will allow you to get a deep insight into the company’s overall performance from consumers who already have experienced their services. You can use sites such as Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, Clutch or other popular platforms for good quality reviews.

  1. Build Trust

Trust is among the cornerstones of any professional relationship. While hiring an SEO agency, it is imperative to build a trusting relationship and use the opportunity to see how well the business connects. Does the meeting go accounted for? Are their work methods professional? Is the package worth the money? How well are their reporting procedures? If the trust is well placed, then you will get answers to all these questions satisfactorily.

  1. Monitor and Track Data

An SEO firm must be able to track and measure your company’s online data and generate results based on it. This data will include phones calls, website forms, site activity, click through rate, and other engagement metrics. The SEO company must provide you with a strategy based on the tracking results so you may take accurate decisions based on it.

  1. Plan Budget Accordingly

Last but not the least, before putting the agreement to ink, make sure you plan your budget ahead of time. Ask for packages, deals or customization options, so it suits your price range. A good SEO company will have predefined as well as customizable packages to choose from which will definitely lay the path for you. Most importantly, see if the package appropriates your goals and objectives.

What Can SEO Do for My Business?

Regardless of whether a company is of international stature or a local Dubai brand, it cannot solely rely on word of mouth as its primary medium for marketing. It needs good SEO in order to increase its visibility, generate traffic, create a loyal customer base and build a robust corporate identity. SEO is more than just a tool for digital marketing; it is the building block for a company’s growth and success. It is crucial for a brand to not only have an online presence but also to have a reputable ranking and credibility among search engines. This is the what drives the customers towards the brand’s pages.

These 6 points explain why SEO is essential for a business to prosper.

SEO is a Long-Term Investment

The initial cost might seem a bit surprising, but any qualified SEO consultant in Dubai would argue that it is a long-term investment with a great payoff. Boosting SEO rankings is a marathon, not a sprint, it will require time, but it has a considerable ROI.

SEO Helps the Brand Stay Relevant

As the world is continually evolving, it is necessary to evolve with it and adapt to the changes; it is key for any thriving business. Regularly updating the brand’s SEO according to the new developments in search engine optimization Dubai helps the brand stay ahead of its competitors.

SEO Boosts the Growth of Local Businesses

Local SEO focuses on businesses specifically within a region or a city. Dubai SEO experts boost the rankings of local businesses by adding backlinks, local citations, and location or business relevant listings on the company’s website. It is a tried and tested method to improve the rankings in the world of SEO marketing Dubai.

An Enhanced User Experience

Usability and accessibility are among the most important elements in generating a good user experience. The better the SEO of a site, the more access the consumers have to that site. An increase in user experience results in an increase in the overall generated traffic. Since Google rankings partly depend on positive consumer feedback, an enhanced user experience will also improve the SEO rankings of the site.


In this new era of technology, SEO has become the air that companies breathe to live. It is an imperative part of marketing strategies and accounts for a significant portion of the digital presence the brand takes online. Therefore, keeping up with the latest SEO tactics has become a necessity for brands to stay relevant and ahead of their competitors.

4 Techniques to Enhance Digital Marketing Strategies

With the advent of the modern age and rapid evolution in technology, developing a sound digital marketing strategy is vital for achieving business objectives in today’s era. Concerning digital marketing UAE trends, each strategy has to be optimized according to the criteria of the organization as well as various factors governing trends, target audience, and other factors.

Following are 4 techniques for designing a foolproof digital marketing strategy:

  1. Conducting SEO Frequently

Instead of considering SEO to be a one-time investment, integrate it entirely within your digital marketing strategy. The digital marketing agency UAE permits conduct frequent SEO of products and services to ensure the website and its content are being noticed by search engines. SEO must be implemented at least every quarter for remaining relevant to the target audience. In comparison, Google updates its algorithm close to 500 times annually, which just shows adaptive SEO is the key to a brilliant digital marketing strategy.

  1. Customer is King

Emphasis on products and services as well as working towards noticeable online presence is an effective approach but ultimately serves a singular purpose: the customer. Most brands tend to neglect the target audience in pursuit of business objectives and ultimately end up with results which might incorporate quality but are do not fulfill client demands.

  1. Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

While classified among the oldest of digital marketing techniques, email marketing is reliable and allows direct communication between potential leads and brands. It can be used to promptly contact targeted audience and convince them with pitches generated according to their demographics. Besides being free, they do not encroach upon private space and can be both viewed and answered at the recipient’s leisure.

  1. Blogs for Generating Potential Leads

One of the most organic and rewarding methods for generating authentic traffic is blog posting. Generating relevant content adds to the indexed pages on the website and facilitates search engines and potential leads to find your website. Moreover, it establishes trust and builds dominance in target market niche, which can be used to influence trends. The various digital marketing agency Dubai houses are fully capable of providing quality blogs guaranteed to attract potential leads.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy Matters

Deploying a proper digital marketing strategy is imperative for attaining successful results. These 4 techniques are crucial for any brand and ensuring quality conformance in these sectors will yield positive results.