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Best Web Design Trends for 2019

Best Web Design Trends for 2019

Best Web Design Trends for 2019

Throughout the years, web designers have adapted to the drastic evolution of web development in Dubai, creating pages according to the market demand that is both aesthetic and user-friendly. With mobile browsing exceeding desktop usage in the past year, web designs in 2019 are expected to be a lot more mobile friendly.

This article will feature some of the web design trends that are sure to dominate 2019.

1.    Minimalism

Although this trend is not relatively new, it is sure not to die anytime soon. The reason to why it has stood the test of time is that it actually works. The more is less trend focuses mainly on bold typography, an ample amount of negative space and colored accents. Minimalism is a way of reducing the clutter and minimizing the number of distractions so that the user can navigate through the site easily. 

2.    Mobile Friendly Interfaces

With mobile usage becoming more common than desktop browsing, mobile-friendly interfaces have become the future of web design. Web designing agencies tend to lean more towards simpler mobile interfaces with better functionality rather than complex interfaces like the ones in desktops. 

3.    A Pop of Color

Use of bold colors rapidly gained popularity in the past year and is slowing making its mark in 2019 as well. Using an array of vibrant colors in contrasts has become the new emerging trend. It allows for a great deal of creative liberty in expressing the brands personality and vision in a visually appealing manner.

4.    Illustrations and Animations

Illustrations and animations can act as a key component in relaying the company’s message and ideas to the users. They not only have a practical function but also add an element of fun and visual appeal to the site. It is the perfect trend to adopt in order to soften the image of the brand and make it seem more approachable.

What to expect in 2019 Web designs in 2019 have definitely become bolder as web designers have become more courageous in trying out new adventurous designs. While some of the old web design trends will firmly hold their position throughout this year as well, other new innovative designs are emerging and making their mark on 2019.

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