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5 Factors That Contribute to Local SEO Success

5 Factors That Contribute to Local SEO Success

5 Factors That Contribute to Local SEO Success

Local SEO has been without a doubt, one of the greatest influences on the digital economy today. The results of which can mean the difference between staying relevant and losing to somebody who is better at SEO than you are.  It is no longer just about having an online presence, Local SEO has now become an absolute need for all organizations.

As more and more businesses realize the importance of local SEO and begin to focus on leveraging its advantages for their business, we’ve listed the top 5 factors that can contribute to local SEO success.

1. Google my business profile optimization

Creating a Google my business profile is really easy, you just need to update it with as much accurate information as you can about your business to enrich your profile, then select the best categories for your business and finally connect it to your social media channels. Doing all these correctly, will enable you improve your visibility on local search engines.

2. Creating valuable content

If you want to rank high on search engines, it’s important to create and publish informative & useful content regularly. Having a web site with consistent viewers for long periods of time, establishes you as an authority and increases your ranking in the SERPs. However, while you’re creating content, don’t forget to Geo-tag your images, add service & location ALT text to images and add accurate contact details / contact form so your users know how to contact you

 3. Get Authentic Customer Reviews

Generating authentic positive reviews, while very good for business is not an easy task to achieve. Try to shoot for at least ten reviews on Google my business and ten more on other review sites. To get the reviews, encourage your customers to share their experiences online, and make it easy for them to leave reviews.

4. Focus on updating & creating high quality Links

We tend to forget about links, when it comes to local SEO strategies. Links are very important, so getting lots of locally trusted and relevant links back to your website is necessary in order to improve your local business rankings and visibility in local search results.

You can earn links from high authority sites with lots of traffic, using locally relevant keywords as your anchor texts to help you to rank higher when people search using those keywords.

5. Implement a simple social strategy

A lot of business owners don’t really understand the benefits of social media, and instead choose to ignore it which is detrimental to the success of local SEO for their organization.

Since social media is quickly becoming one of the major indicators of authority & popularity for search engines, it is very necessary to get comfortable with the different social platforms and how to connect and build a network.

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