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4 Questions Every Online Business Owner Must Consider

4 Questions Every Online Business Owner Must Consider

4 Questions Every Online Business Owner Must Consider

What is PPC and SEO?

The debate between SEO and PPC is an old one. While it makes sense to pay for top positions on Google SERPs and channel customers directly towards landing pages, search engine optimizing delivers long-lasting organic results at a significantly lower cost.


PPC advertising directs first-hand traffic towards the company’s landing pages through sponsored results by Google. It works by displaying ads on top of Google SERPs against a fee paid by the company for the keyword integrated into the ad copy. Each time a user clicks on the ad, an amount is deducted from the keyword’s budget – depending on the competitiveness of the keyword.


Alternatively, another method to get exposure, build robust traffic and direct users to organic pages is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO allows the brand to gain visibility for its website on Google SERPs for free through organic practices. Although these practices take time to fetch traffic and thrust rankings, the results are firm and long-lasting than paid advertising.

Both practices yield distinct results in different aspects. To decide which solution is best for your online business, we have summarized the metrics in 4 major questions that every business owner must consider before selecting either of the two practices.

  1. How Big is Your Advertising Budget?

Each company has a specific budget allocated to its marketing. Before deciding between SEO and PPC, an audit must be done to calculate the spendable capacity of the company. A company with budget constraints will go well with SEO practices since little investment is involved.

E-commerce websites, particularly new ones, require a stronger response on landing pages to sell their products and services. To accommodate this, consistent traffic must pass through to convert potential customers and improve conversion rates. While SEO can help push a website’s rankings for the long haul, PPC can drive instant traffic, giving the brand a greater chance to generate income from its online store.

  1. Can You Maintain Your Website with Search Engine Updates?

A major weakness that encompasses SEO practices is the periodic updating of search engine algorithms. Search Engines Algorithms are coded metrics that crawl web content to rank its position on SERPs. When these algorithms update, sites rankings with one-way optimization can lose rankings overnight. PPC on the other hand channels a steady stream of visitors impervious to any intervention of in Search Engine Algorithms.

PPC involves a learning curve, starting with a light but highly targeted campaigns which bind the PPC campaign with the marketer’s Google Analytics Account. This distinctly segments different types of traffic the website receives from PPC, indicating whether the ROI is worth the expense or not.

  1. Is Your Industry’s Average CPCs Favorable?

Aside from budget, another important factor decides if the advertising capital will yield results or not. CPC or Cost Per Click determines the financial success of the PPC campaigns. The ROI a company expects, over or underpaying for each action, is ascertained by how much the advertiser is paying and the quality they are receiving from the investment. The goal is to identify and target clicks which are both valuable and inexpensive. Average CPC depends on business type and industry, but a standard across all industries is around $2. In other cases, stronger keywords require an aggressive budget. For example, the legal consultation industry makes a competitive environment where CPCs can reach as much a $50 for a phrase. This is where SEO comes as a feasible alternative.

  1. What is the Competition Level of Keywords in Your Target Niche?

Free Software such as Google External Keyword Research Tool are widely used by online marketers to determine the competitiveness of the target keywords by estimating their quality and search volume on Google SERPs. If the business niche against the keywords is dominated by authority websites, then it may take a considerable investment of time and money to make displace them. Under such cases, the sounder option is to invest in paid advertising instead of working years in organic SEO and achieving little or no success against hard-wired websites.

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